alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Anybody bored today? I'd like to unleash your creative freedom. Feel like playing around with a Team Alpaca logo? I have a concept in mind, but minimal time and limited graphics editing skillz. So if you feel inspired, please feel free to jump in.

Here is my concept, masterfully edited in ms paint:

The idea is of an alpaca or two in a bicycle wheel. It'd need to say Team Alpaca in there somewhere, possibly around the wheel? I found a cool "in motion" kind of wheel image somewhere -- you know, the kind with lines coming out of it to indicate movement -- but have lost it. This one I found is rather small and minimal, but it conveys the idea....

Here are some alpaca black and white pictures:

Feel free to be creative, but there is one caveat for it to be usable: I'm hoping to make shirts at some point, so the logo needs to be screen-print-able. Black/white only - no gray-scale or color, and it'd need to be scalable to shirt-size.

That said, this is all really just for fun. If you just want to let loose and go crazy, that's cool too. *grin* Entertain us!

[Edit: Oh, this is a fun site!]
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