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Race For The Cure

I have been participating in and raising money for the Detroit Race For The Cure every year since 1999. That first year my mom and I walked together -- she was still wearing a head wrap to cover up her chemo hair loss. Since then my mom's hair has grown back, and she continues to be a breast cancer survivor. I'm proud of her, and I continue to walk in her honor.

Unfortunately also since that day, I lost two female friends to this disease -- one of whom was a very close college friend. Last year I walked in memory of Brooke. It's interesting how frequently she still crosses my thoughts, in the most mundane of places.

This year I have made it a personal goal of mine to run the race instead of walking. I won't be very fast, and I won't win any medals, but I will run in memory of my friends, in honor of my mom, and in the hopes that everyone else who is fighting or will fight this disease can beat it.

If you would like to help support my fund-raising efforts, I would be thrilled. Every little bit counts.... As some extra incentive, I will mail a thank-you card and a ribbon to anybody who donates to my web campaign. Yes I'm talking Real Mail, not email! Just like our primitive ancestors used to send.

Thanks to everyone who's donated so far, and advance thanks to anybody who decides to help out!

* Donate to the Detroit Race For The Cure *

What kind of ribbon will you get, you ask? Well it's pink and looks like this: I ♥ Boobs . Because I do ♥ boobs, and I find that lots and lots of people do. This is a campaign to keep them safe and healthy!
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