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A little older, a little wiser

Well, perhaps not really wiser. But older, that's for sure. I had a fabulous weekend. Really, it was nearly perfect. I'd say the only downside was that I was still fighting with my cold the whole time, but even that wasn't too bad. I carried a bottle of water and some kleenex with me everywhere, and survived pretty well.

On Friday afternoon, C picked me up at my house. I had been moving very slowly that morning, and wasn't fully packed. He helped me finish up, then we got in the car and headed to Stratford. The ride there (about 4 hours) was fine. I tried to nap a bit, we talked, listened to music, and admired the horses and cows by the road. We got mildly lost when we tried to take a detour, but stopped by a really cute roadside tomato stand and got straightened out. (They had this painted board where you could take your picture with your head in a tomato, cucumber, and apple. I would have totally done it, except that there was a car parked in front of it, alas.)

We found our bed and breakfast pretty easily, and it was wonderfully charming. Our room walked out onto a balcony with a beautiful view of the garden and a huge tree. We enjoyed coffee on that balcony each morning. It was within walking distance of everywhere we wanted to go, so we were able to just abandon the car for the weekend.

After checking in, we walked to Down the Street for dinner, then went for a long walk by the river. I climbed a couple of trees, but we forgot to bring my camera. The weather was lovely, and the river very pretty.

We got ice cream at a unique little place. They had bars of ice cream and frozen yogurt, which they would mix with a variety of frozen fruit and then squirt soft-serve into a waffle cone. I had chocolate and strawberry; C got chocolate banana and cherry.

The next morning we slept in, then had a wonderful homemade breakfast and a leisurely morning. First we saw The Threepenny Opera, which was very good but kind of weird - especially the ending. I enjoyed it. Then we changed clothes and went for dinner.

We ate in The Belfry, which is located in the top of The Church Restaurant. The food was great, and the atmosphere very nice. I want to try the Church itself next time, because it looked really cool too.

After dinner, we saw My Fair Lady, which was simply wonderful. The costuming, the singing, the dancing and choreography, everything was great. I particularly enjoyed the dance numbers, which were really energetic and synchronized.

Sunday was my birthday, and C gave me a cool shirt. We spent another leisurely morning and enjoyed another fabulous breakfast. After packing up, we walked around Stratford a bit more. We did a little shopping - C bought a book, and I bought a sweater. We swung on some swings. We were going to go down by the river again, but ran out of time, so we reluctantly headed back for home.

The drive back went very quickly, despite a little bit of traffic at the border crossing. We got back to my place and relaxed for an hour or two, then a bunch of my friends came over for a little birthday gathering! We had carryout Indian food, wine, and ice cream cake, then we played Cranium, a board game which requires a combination of drawing, trivia, acting, news, and spelling. My team came in second place, but we put up a good fight.

It was really neat having 13 of my friends over that night, plus spending the whole weekend with was a prefect end to a wonderful birthday weekend.
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