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Working from Home Part III

"Some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps."

I couldn't sleep last night, despite three Lake Woebegones (not the real lake, the podcast), two Rennies (not me, the indigestion tablet), one Prilosec (OTC), and one cottage cheese (with blueberries) -- I still had heartburn and insomnia. Bleh! (An odd kind of irony, since my Personal Pharmacist just brought me lots of Rennies from London.) (Holy lots o'parentheses in this post, Batman.)

This morning I was moving slowly enough that instead of being already logged in and finishing my email like normal, I was actually still in the shower when my alarm for my 9am Scrum Call went off. Oops.

Fortunately: I work from home. This allows me certain conveniences... I actually pressed the speed dial for the conference number on my cell phone while toweling myself off, and carried the phone and towel upstairs with me to get dressed. When it wasn't my turn to talk, I had the phone muted and I quickly finished getting ready for work. Not that I need to be presentable or anything, but I find I'm most effective if I'm dressed at least semi-normally (today that means clean underthings, jammie pants, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and shoes). I don't always need a shower in the morning, but this morning I definitely did.

For more fun, let's back up to yesterday. Yesterday toward the end of the work day, I was sitting in my office like normal. I was pair-programming, and my New Hampshire-based Pair was "driving". I was thus not typing much -- I had my headphones on, looking intently at his computer screen over VNC. I also had a cat on my lap.

I'm a little bit embarrased about the cat thing. I'm not sure it's appropriate to let her sit there when I'm working, but my eldest kitty has gotten very needy recently. Often when I am sitting at my desk she starts meowing urgently, pawing at my thigh, until I let her hop up. When I'm driving I won't let her, but when the other person is driving.... well sometimes I give in.

Anyway, I reached over the cat to my keyboard to type something. They keyboard tray, which had been screwed into the underside of my desk, pulled right out of its hardware, out of the desk and crashed onto the floor. The keyboard, the tray, and the mouse scattered all over the floor. The cat (also ironically named Mouse, being named after the pointing device) bolted. I cursed with surprise, probably hurting the ears of my poor pair on the other end of the phone.

I explained the incident to him, omitting the part about the cat. He sympathized, but seemed a bit confused. Probably because his ears were still ringing. It was nearly the end of the day, so I left everything on the floor and just used the laptop's keyboard and touchpad. That's in a location which is uncomfortable to use though, so it's not a good long-term solution.

This morning of course I found all of my stuff on the floor under the desk. Already resigned to a long day, I picked up my keyboard and held it on my lap to type. I tried to use the mouse on my lap also, moving it around on my leg, but it wasn't that efficient. Now I've rearranged the mouse to sit on top of my desk instead of under it. I'm still using my keyboard on my lap, and keeping it on the floor when not in use. The tray is also on the floor right now, until I decide what to do about it.

I could drill new holes and reattach it, but this would be the third time. (The first time it fell out was less dramatic, at least.) I think I need to talk to Ikea and discuss the ineffectiveness of this desk/tray, even though I was led to believe they went together. I hope they can help, because I really like this desk, and when the tray is attached it is quite close to perfect.

On the plus side, my day has improved a bit since this morning -- plus it's half over. Hopefully it will continue to get better!
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