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Today I worked in a real office. It was a little weird -- but good, it's nice to see a coworker or two now and then. We worked on concurrency and threading issues, and I learned some interesting things. Got it working by the end of the day, so cool!

There was a bit of a surprise toward the end of the afternoon though.

Me, reading my email and mentioning the subject out loud: "...possible co-lo change....."

Coworker: "Uh-oh," looks over my shoulder.

Me: "....Reykjavík? Where the hell is Reykjavík?"

"I think it's in Iceland."

"ICELAND? They're thinking of sending us to Iceland?!"

"Actually it was my idea, I thought if we weren't going to an office location, it'd reduce jetlag on everyone..."

"You're kidding right? Iceland??"

I pause to look at a map. Well what do you know, Iceland is in a timezone that is between Gent and here. But still.... Iceland?? I checked, and it's not April Fools Day either. (Do they have May 8 Fools Day in Belgium?)

That could be a strange place to spend my birthday. I don't know how serious they are about this idea. So far it's just a suggestion. Nothing is the least bit confirmed yet, and I find the idea rather crazy myself -- but my boss was at least serious enough about the idea to mention it in an email.

More details to follow... we're supposed to talk about it tomorrow after the sprint review.

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