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Friday Socializing

I spent all of the previous week in semi-hermit mode. I worked, I exercised, I ate alone, I read, and I slept. Every day. By friday I was desperate to get out of the house and see friends. Fortunately, I managed to do that!

First I met up with Sken, KT, and L for dinner at BW3. I don't hang out with them enough, especially not in small groups, so that was really nice to do. Good food, good entertainment.

Later that evening, after picking up my bedroom some, I had yet another social event! N and A came over, and we hung out chatting for awhile. I returned some books I borrowed from them, and we talked about books and school and whatnot. It was cool. Then N kindly drove A and I downtown, and we went out for dessert, girl-talk, and drinks.

It was mostly a great time. We had lots of sugar and alcohol, and talked well into the night.

We did have an annoying drunk guy incident. We were sitting in a quiet bar at a window table. A few guys on the sidewalk saw us and decided to come in and be obnoxious. Two of them sat in the empty seats next to us and began talking.

They were blatantly hitting on us, asking us what we were drinking, asking if they could try some. A started flashing her wedding ring, trying to blind the guy next to her by catching the light and directing it into his cornea. One caught the hint. "Are you married?"

"Yes," she said, and I interjected quickly, "And I have a boyfriend." That didn't deter them though.

"You've made all the wrong choices," the guy next to me told me. "But this is your lucky day, because that's all changing, you'll see. I'm here and I'm everything you want."

Ugh. I laughed at him. At first I joked and flirted a tiny bit, just for fun, but I quickly started getting rude because that's how they were behaving. Rude and inappropriate. The waitress came to our table, but I told her they were leaving. She melted away without taking an order.

They got worse, complaining that A was being a sexual predator because she was wearing a sexy shirt even though she's married. When they started directly talking about her tits, being very offensive, I said, "You need to stop talking like that to my friend. It's uncool."

"Oh-ho, you're just complaining because we're putting her up on a pedestal, not you."

"I don't feel like I'm on a pedestal," she said, offended.

"Why don't you leave us alone," I said.

The guy next to me had already disappeared. While the other two were serious jerks, I think he was just a dork. He knew his companions had crossed a line, and he knew it was time to go. The other two took a little more convincing. "Go," I said. "You should leave." They'd been talking about going to Coney Island, so I added, "Go eat your chili cheese fries."

As they were walking away one of them got annoyed by that, turned around, and said something else. I actually made shooing motions with my hands, waving them on out of the door. Then they left. I saw them once on the sidewalk outside the window trying to do something, but I ignored them.

It's interesting because I am chronically nice, often too nice. I don't like to be rude, and I don't like to say anything direct that I might consider mean or hurtful. I tend to put up with a lot, sometimes to a fault. I think A tends toward that way too. For me to rudely and directly tell somebody to leave is almost unheard of! These guys deserved it though, because they had gone way beyond any definition of appropriate.

The jerks put somewhat of a damper on the end of the evening, but we managed to cheer up. We insulted them and talked about how awful they were with our waitress, and eventually relaxed and started having fun again. When the bar closed, N came to pick us up and take us home. He even loaned me a couple more cool-sounding books.

All and all, despite the drunk idiots, I had a great evening. I'm so glad I managed to get out of the house, be social, and see so many friends!
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