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Mother's Day

I'm a cat mom, but my cats don't really celebrate mother's day. This is mostly because they don't understand calendars, but also because they are self-absorbed little creatures. Back when S and I were dating they got me mother's day gifts now and then, but I suspect the motivation came mostly from S.

My mom lives in Chicago almost a 5 hour drive from here. I was feeling guilty for awhile over my decision not to visit her today, but then I realized: she's the one who moved away to Chicago! When she lived just one town over, I always celebrated this holiday and more with her. Seeing as how she's the one who left me, I have no need for guilt. It's still a bit of a bummer though: I miss my family, and I miss celebrating special times with them.

Thus it's mostly just another day for me. I hope any and all moms reading this have a terrific mother's day though! And those who aren't moms, or don't celebrate for whatever other reason, I hope you have a great day too.

In other news, I gave something to the world yesterday: I gave blood! This means I was able to help possibly as many as three people. Yay! I have a tradition of giving blood for my birthday, as my gift to life. It's not my birthday yet, but I thought I was going to be traveling on the second of June so I scheduled it for today instead. (Now it looks like I'll be in town after all, but oh well. The concept is still the same.)

I even added to the adventure by taking the idea of another LJer and riding my bike there and back. I like to challenge myself. It's just three miles each way, and of course I didn't push it on the way back.... it was good. A lovely day for a ride.

In still other news, I'm leaving this evening for a business trip to Boston. I have a training class to attend, then I'll do some co-located pairing for a couple of days. I'll be back friday night, just in time to have a very busy but fun weekend! Whee... I should go pack.
Tags: biking, family, give blood
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