alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Full Weekend

In the space of fourty hours, from friday morning to saturday evening, I had a full schedule.

I packed and checked out of my hotel.
I worked a full day in the Boston office.
I met up with a friend in Boston for lunch.
I took the subway to the airport.
I took an airplane to Detroit, landing about 8pm.
I took a shuttle to my car, then drove to my house.
A girlfriend came over, and we went to Luna to go dancing.
I was interviewed and photographed for a newspaper article.
I drove home around 2 in the morning, and AM and I had a mini-sleepover party.
I awoke the next morning and went out to breakfast with M, AM, and D&A.
I drove to East Lansing with M.
I helped build a backyard playset, impressing the boys with my use of powertools.
I fell off a stepstool - or rather, the stool fell out from under me.
I enjoyed dinner with many friends, and a deck-warming and playset-warming party.
I came home again and crashed hard saturday night.

That was quite a lot! Fortunately I was able to have a very lazy sunday today to recover.

A few notes on the playset project: the company (Gorilla Playsets) is not recommended and therefore not linked. We had multiple problems with being shipped the wrong parts, pieces were lined up wrong, the instructions were poor, and it was generally a huge pain to assemble. In fact instead of three to five hours, it took us three weeks what with waiting for reshipping of parts. Fortunately the finished project looks good, it seems sturdy, and hopefully children will enjoy playing on it for several years.

I had ladder trouble when we had reached the crucial step of connecting the two halves into a whole, getting everything upright and situated and lined up perfectly enough to fasten together. There were three of us were holding the pieces together, trying to balance and line them up. It wasn't vertical, and I was pushing the monkey bars above me forward to get the top to form a right angle with the tower. I didn't think about the fact that, standing on a ladder, I didn't have a stable base to push from. I pushed the the overhead structure forward and left, and the ladder tipped out from under me back and right.

Happily it was only three steps, and the structure remained upright when I clung to it. Thus I didn't actually fall, it was the ladder which fell. It wasn't very graceful though. There was some cursing and now I have a couple of bruises, but it all worked out in the end. We got the pieces together, and in the end the playset was complete. It was satisfying being able to feel productive, leave with a big job done.

At one point when it got complicated, the instructions were unclear, and we were trying to figure out how to make it work, I commented, "You know, the issue is that I'm a software engineer and this is a hardware problem." (On a side note, this is funny: Engineers Guide to Cats) Fortunately our ragtag team of a software engineer, a medical professional, a lawyer, a three-year-old, and a politician of some sort (?) managed to conquer the toy in the end. Go us!
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