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Biking in the Rain

Last night I noticed that a library book was due (overdue, to be precise), so I decided to ride my bike downtown and drop it off. On the way back, I could stop at the drugstore and pick up some cards.

It had been almost unbearably hot and humid all day, but the weather outside was beginning to cool a bit. I thought getting out and getting a breeze would be lovely. As I pulled out of my driveway, I saw the skies flash in the distance. "Hmm," thought I. "That might be a bad sign. Well we just had thunderstorms, surely we can't expect more."

I started pedaling, and a few minutes into the ride I felt drops of rain. "Yikes, I can't get my library book wet!" I started pedaling faster. Now that I am typing this story, I find myself wondering if I shouldn't have turned back rather than continued forward. I was only a few blocks from home. However there wasn't a whole lot of rain, and the library wasn't that far away, and my book was in a bag that could offer some protection -- I remained relatively confident that I could keep my book dry.

As I neared downtown, I saw an impressive bolt of lightening. Cool! Pedal faster. As I pulled up to the library, the rain was more serious about its precipitation, but still minimal. The book was dry, and I popped it into the book return box. Whew!

I then rode to CVS. I locked my bike under a tree and walked into the store. I was clearly rain-splattered, but not soaked (yet). (Oooh, forshadowing!)

I found some nice greeting cards, purchased them, and happily wrapped my satchel up in the plastic bag they gave me. Since I'd just been popping out for a quick ride through the neighborhood, I hadn't organized myself or brought any of my gear. I didn't have a waterproof bag, and I didn't have my helmet or sunglasses (which also have great rain lenses). I also didn't have my blinkey red light I wear on my back at dark, although I DID have my blinkey front white light.

No worries though, I was less than two miles from home. The rain was quite seriously coming down when I fetched my wet bike from underneath the unprotective tree. I turned on my light, pulled onto the quiet residential road that would get me home. The skies let loose. Within a few blocks, I was quite soaked! Without eye protection, the rain kept getting in my eyes and I couldn't see much. I came upon the solution of riding one-handed and holding my other hand over my eyes to block the rain. It worked quite well.

At first the ride was a bit nerve-wracking. However once I figured out how to protect my eyes so I could see again, and once I got wet enough that the rain no longer felt cold, it was really a lot of fun! I paid careful attention to cars, but there were almost none on the road. I got home safely, quickly, and easily. I found myself grinning at the entertainment of it all.

My book stayed dry, my purchases and satchel stayed dry, and I didn't get struck by lightening even once! It was good fun, although I didn't stay out any longer than it took to get from CVS to home. When I arrived, I tip-toed to the bathroom trying not to drip too badly through the house. I literally pealed myself out of my soaking clothes, then jumped into the shower to get wetter clean off and warm up.

An unplanned but exciting little adventure! I enjoyed it.
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