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One of my first jobs involved traveling to customer sites and running data migration programs. There had to be a technical person on the tricky ones, in case something went wrong. There also generally had to be a customer on site, to keep me from getting into trouble.

The migrations would take hours -- frequently most or all of the night. Most of the time was spent sitting around, waiting for the next step of the process. As a general rule, there would be a PC or two around, but they would be standard Windows installs. (Win3.1, if I recall. It was a long time ago.) No extras, no movies, no internet. Just the old Windows games.

I had long since grown bored with standard Solitaire, and the only interesting thing I found somewhat interesting in the Windows 3.1 games folder was Minesweeper. During those long nights, I played hours and hours of Minesweeper. I also would teach the game to whatever unfortunate customer had to endure the vigil with me. That was amusing, passing on the various strategies and rules. We would take turns playing the game, having little all-night Minesweeper tournaments. By the end of the data migration, I would have created a new addict.

"Why are these mines even here?"
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