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Fuzzy Sunday

I went speed skating again today. Not with the club, or as a class or anything. Just a few people from our speed skating class went to a public skating session to practice. It was pretty fun. It is hard work. I need to build up my endurance. I was better than the people I went with though, since I have so much skating experience under my belt. So I was giving them tips, just skating tips, even though I'm just as much of a novice speed skater as they are.

I had such trouble waking up this morning! I'm not sure why. I know I had trouble falling asleep last night...I still have a leftover cough from my cold last week, and I was too hot, both of which were keeping me up and uncomfortable....but eventually I know I wasn't one of those nights where it felt like I'd been up forever, and was doomed to never sleep again. Still, this morning when the alarm went off I felt like my eyes were glued together, and my brain felt like mush. With some effort, and some help from C, I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. We went to church and sang in the choir. Fortunately by the time we got to church I was feeling fairly awake and coherant.

After church we went out to brunch, then I went to skating. I'm doing this entry in a confusing order. After skating I was thirsty, so I went to 7-11 and got a Blue Mountain Dew slurpie. And a bit of chocolate. I should have been all riled up on caffine and sugar....I came back home, and decided to lie on my hammock in the sun. Well I found that it was already in the shade. I could have moved it, but didn't feel like it, so I decided to just lie down, and see if it was too cold in the shade. It wasn't too cold. I fell asleep. For over an hour, probably....I'm not even sure how long to be honest. It was very lovely.

When I woke up I was all bleary, my brain filled with cotton. I'm still in that state, somewhat, and don't feel like being productive. I have a bunch of stuff I wanted to accomplish this weekend, very little of which is already accomplished. But I don't much feel like getting up and doing anything. In fact, I'd rather curl up with a book, or perhaps a movie, and be braindead until it's time for me to go to sleep again.

I remembered a little while ago that there was an art fair downtown today, that I'd wanted to check out. But I forgot completely until it was already over. Bummer -- I like art fairs. Oh well.

Oh, and I want to write about my theories on predestination versus free will. I was talking about that after church. But I'm in no condition to do that right now, can't even write a simple chronological journal entry. Hopefully writing this much down will remind me someday to go back and attempt it though.
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