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I haven't been reading much recently. Not sure why, just been busy with other stuff I guess. Maybe my reading materials just haven't been captivating enough. I have a pile of books waiting to be read, hopefully I'll find something that gets me motivated again.

15. Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon - Third in a series, and better than the second. Loaned by a friend who loves them, these books are a little too "romancy" for my tastes, but they can be entertaining anyway.

14. Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow - Read on my Treo, a "future warning" kind of book about an out-of-control Department of Homeland Security that doesn't seem too faraway of a future.

13.5 - Bowling Alone, by Robert Putnam - I only made it through a bit over half before I gave up renewing it and returned it to the library. Interesting discussion, a little too statistics-filled.
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