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I went skating today during lunch. Since I went skating last thursday, we could stretch reality a little bit and say I went skating twice in one week! Good thing, since I won't make it back out for at least two weeks.

It was kind of frustrating today. Both of my knees were bothering me, and I just felt tired and wobbly. I know I'm worn out from the weekend, but I still would like to do better. I need to skate more to get to that point, but I barely am able to make time for the skating I do now. I suppose I should do some strengthening exercises when not on the ice or biking/running/whatnot, maybe that would help.

On the plus side, I was doing my moves relatively well. I just didn't feel smooth and natural during transitions on the ice -- and my stupid knees were hurting (each one in its own special way!).

I like skating, but there is a whisper in my head wondering if I should just give it up.

Or maybe I'm just tired and crabby. Good thing it's a short week!

...with luck, I'll feel energetic enough to do the club ride tonight. Personal PAs everywhere recommend bicycling for knees!

[Edit: apparently there are supposed to be storms a'comin', so the ride leader emailed us to say it's been canceled. He also included a link to information on lightning safety, so I guess he's serious!]
Tags: knees, skating
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