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Almost Friday

Today I gave in and turned on the air conditioning for the first time this summer. I was doing okay with just using fans and open windows up until lunch today, when I went out and ran a few errands on my bicycle. After pedaling around about five miles in the hot sun and humidity, I got home and was dripping with sweat... even after showering, I decided it was time. Happily, the AC started right up without complaint. Working in a comfortably cool house this afternoon was very nice.

* *

My Personal PA is away this weekend competing in one of the season's most prestigious golf tournaments: the Advil Open. Along with a little golf, it involves a lot of beer drinking around a campfire in the evenings.

I went out with our mutual friends S&R this evening. As we were walking to my car, I turned my ankle in a large crack in the pavement. I gracelessly stumbled sideways, bashing into the car next to mine (but I was fine).

S was concerned. "Oh, are you okay?"

R pointed out: "You'd better be okay, because your PA is drunk right now."

"Yeah he'd really appreciate a call, 'I need a drunken diagnosis over the phone!'"

"Oh he's used to it, we do that to him at football games all the time."

* *

I'm heading to Chicago for the weekend. I haven't made it there since January or so, so I am really looking forward to seeing my family! I picked up some little presents for the kiddies, so I can be the Cool Aunt. I also have presents for my brother and sister, since we are going to celebrate belated birthdays. Mom and Dad get no presents, because I already gave them something when they were visiting here last month.

It will be really weird traveling without my work laptop. I haven't done that in... well I don't remember how long. I'm looking forward to it.
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