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Food Brain

I've been trying to eat healthier recently. This is really hard, especially when I'm on the road! However at the very least I can try to eat better when I'm not traveling. In an effort toward this, I've been intermittently trying Seattle Sutton. This is a program that makes meals - fresh ones not frozen - that you pick up from their shop twice a week.

They provide 21 meals a week, which I can't manage to consume in a week. Between travel and hanging out with friends, I eat away from home several times a week. However I can usually eat those in two weeks, so long as neither are a co-lo week. So I've ordered from them a few times, this week included.

The food is generally not bad. In fact some of it is quite good! My lunch today was only so-so, but yesterday's dinner was yummy. The challenge is to eat just what they give me, and not extra things. Especially when they give me something I don't like....

I've been trying to re-train my brain. I want it to find healthy food yummy, and unhealthy food yucky. For example there was squash on the side of a meal recently. I don't like squash. But it's not awful, and I think it's supposed to be good for me. So I ate it anyway. I tried to convince my brain, "Yum, squash!" It didn't really work, but I ate the squash and it wasn't awful. Just not tasty. Hopefully there were vitamins in there.

I'm also trying to visualize bad-for-me things, like a plate of french fries, and tell myself, "Ugh, covered in grease." Same with brownies and such. "Yuck, too sweet." It's not entirely working, and my brain is not fooled. But even trying to take steps toward thinking about food in a healthier fashion seems like a good idea.

I also tell myself that, if I'm eating one of my Seattle Sutton meals, I can't eat anything else unless I eat all of the fruits and veggies the meal people provided. It's like making a child eat, but it also makes sense after all. We make children eat their vegetables because we want them to be healthy. I want ME to be healthy to! My tendency to leave squash and fruit on my plate and supplement my hunger with a granola bar is probably why my weight isn't where I want it to be. If I were really hungry, if there weren't other options, I'd eat that stuff. So I shouldn't eat anything else first.

It's a theory. A challenging one, and one that obviously won't change my mindset 100%. But even changing it a little, or reminding myself to think more carefully, isn't a bad idea. So far I'm only really doing this on days when I'm at home, but anything is better than nothing, right?

On an unrelated note: ALPACAS!

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