alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cats in Charge

It is a bit chilly in my office today (chilly for me, I mean, not for any normal person), and I am wearing shorts. My legs are cold. I could pop upstairs and add a layer, but so far I haven't. I know it'll get warmer as the sun comes nearer my west-facing window, and I'll just be changing clothes again.

Instead, I thought I'd close the open window. But here's the thing: the cat was sitting in his cat hammock, looking out the window and enjoying the light breeze. (He wears a permanent fur coat after all.) I wanted the window closed, but I knew it would displease the cat. I thus compromised and closed the window partway, leaving just enough room for a cat's head.

It's clear who is in charge here. He didn't even ask me to leave the window open -- I just knew he'd be unhappy otherwise.
Tags: kitties
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