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Senility has struck - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Senility has struck
My memory is failing. At least, my head for names. I've always been terrible at remembering names, but lately I seem much worse. There have been 3 times in the past week, where I have looked directly at somebody who I've known for awhile, somebody who I've addressed by name many times in the past, but simply for the life of me could not remember their name.

It was weird too, because each time it happened, I wanted/needed to use their name for some reason - either to introduce them, or to refer to them in conversation. I drew a complete blank! The third time, a meeting today, I finally remembered her name on my own and used it. The first two times I never did remember, and I just had to listen eagerly to conversations in the hopes that somebody else would use it and jog my memory!

Sheesh. This is what being 31 is like? No wonder I've been avoiding it for so long.

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