alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

In Gent

End of my second day in Gent. I'm so tired! Sunday I had brunch in Florida, and got to the airport at noon. My flight left at 2:12pm, landing in Newark right on time around 5pm. My next flight was supposed to leave at 6:30. We boarded the plane relatively on time, got ourselves all settled, then sat on the ground for over 2 hours. It was irritating, but not tooooooo bad. I talked to a friendly Belgian, and read a book, and the airplane people even decided to feed us bags of pretzels and water.

Finally, we took off. An uneventful flight in which I talked, read, ate, and even napped a bit, then I landed in Brussels about 10:30am on monday. Found my way to the train station, and (with a bit of confusion) managed to get a train to Gent. Cleaned up in the Gent St Pieters train station, changed clothes, and caught a cab to work. (So it was indeed planes, trains, and automobiles, in that order!) Arrived right when everybody was breaking for lunch (arrgh).

Much to my surprise, I worked until about 6pm. Then I went to my hotel room, checked in, worked very hard at not falling asleep, went to dinner with some folks (and had poor service), came back here, and was asleep by 10pm. At midnight I awoke with a nasty headache, but after some advil I slept soundly until I was startled by my alarm clock at 7am.

Today was a less-long day than sunday/monday, but it wasn't short either. I don't know why I'm not asleep, other than the simple fact that I guess I didn't feel like I've had any downtime recently. I spent the evening (after work then dinner then drinks with my colleagues) catching up on LJ and generally messing around online. It's been relaxing, but now it's almost 1:30am... oops.

I was supposed to pick up my bike today but I didn't notice what time it was until it was 5:30pm, and the facilities place was already closed. Darn work, getting in the way. Bummer, because I was looking forward to riding this evening! Tomorrow I'll be SURE to remember, but now I'll only have it for a day and a half. Sigh.

Weird things in my head: I have been looking forward all day to trimming my fingernails this evening, only to discover that I do not seem to have my nail clipper in my bag. Rather trivial in the grand scheme of things, but annoying all the same.

Friday I want to go to Brugge/Bruges after work. Or Amsterdam, I'm not sure. I only have until saturday afternoon, really less than that because I'll have to take a train to Amsterdam somewhere in there, because that's when I fly back. That's it for me... I had more to write, but I really oughta get some sleep first.
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