alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Weird Belgium Thing (HNS?)

So I was embarking on my journey home, and browsing around the Brugge station while waiting for the train. I popped into the little shop to get some Looza juice, and I glanced through the magazines.

Not surprisingly, they were all in Dutch. However I found the strangest thing: it's an issue to Cosmopolitan, and it included a gift of a free bikini!

I was intrigued and amused enough that I bought one. Despite my inability to read Dutch, I had some pictures to thumb through on the first leg of my journey. Plus, free swimwear! How could I go wrong? Looking at the pictures and trying to read the words kept me amused and awake enough to easily make my connection in Antwerp, which was a good thing. I tucked my new bikini into my backpack, and didn't really think about it again until today. Naturally, I had to try it on....

I've also decided this counts as a Partially Underclothed Sunday photo!
Tags: hnt
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