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Weekend Report

Spent most of the weekend hanging out at M's. Which is funny, because I kept saying "this is the first weekend when I don't have to travel anywhere!", but then I ended up being away from home much of the weekend anyway. Poor kitties. However I was at least NEAR home, at places that are familiar, and with friends.

Friday night we went to Zukey Lake Tavern, met up with S and R, and had dinner and drinks overlooking the lake. It was a lovely evening, concluded by going back to their place, hanging out with them and their neighbors, and playing some cards.

Saturday we lazed around all morning, then did some shopping, then went over to AM's to help paint her porch. It was good to hang out with her, and help her out! Then we three went to see Mamma Mia!, which I must say was a delightfully fun movie. It was silly and sappy, made me laugh and sing along, and was a perfect way to end the day.

I wrote "I must say" in the above paragraph because there was some disagreement among our little party. AM also thought the movie was great fun, but M spent a good deal of the time muttering things like "the next movie we see will have wars. and guns. bombs. fight scenes." However I believe that deep down he loved it too. He just had to maintain his gruff exterior.

I've been looking through my old journal entries, looking for information about the history of my knee issues, and I found something interesting. This is an entry I wrote shortly after I met M for the first time -- years before we actually dated or anything. This was just a few months after my ACL knee surgery.

July 27th, 2004
I met a random guy at SG's house the other night who claimed to be an
orthopedic surgeon. He said I'm two thirds of the way there, that I
"should be able to do anything" when I hit six months. (I just hit
four months two days ago!) I put it in my calendar. Then, of course,
he back-pedaled and said I should ask my own doctor, and that although
I could try anything at that point I shouldn't expect to be able to do
everything at 100% yet. Yeah yeah, I know. It's in my calendar anyway.
I'm holding him to it.

He also said that although my bones are healed now, the new ligament
itself is actually at its most fragile, because it is busy building
new blood vessels and stuff in there. That's something I didn't know.
I didn't even know my body would hook it up as living tissue, I kinda
thought it remained "foreign". Interesting.

Obviously I was a bit unclear on his actual job, but it's amusing to see that I mentioned meeting him at all! So I saw that a couple of hours ago, and I emailed it to him as I thought he would also find it amusing. Then just a minute ago, it occurred to me to wonder: Did I really put that into my calendar?

Since I have used a Palm device for around a decade, I have my calendar entries for that long also. So with just a little bit of research, I was able to figure out that I needed to look at my datebook entry for September 25, 2004.... and it does indeed read "Six months - do anything".

I also see that I was busy spending that weekend in New York visiting family, so I'm not sure quite how much "anything" I ended up doing. Still. Kind of a neat little thing to find.
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