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Weird Morning

I'm not feeling entirely well today. I don't think I'm sick (I hope I'm not getting sick!), I think it's mostly just a combination of allergies, a bad night's sleep, and feeling sore from a hard workout last night.

I had all kinds of weird and restless dreams last night. When my alarm went off this morning, it was all mixed up in my dream-brain. I was dreaming that I was at a colo (business trip), and I was oversleeping. When I woke up, bleary but panicked about missing work, I found that almost my whole team was in the hotel eating breakfast, hanging out and chatting: we had all overslept and we were all skipping out on work. I felt bad, but sat down and talked to people anyway. I figured we'd all walk over go to the office together.

One guy (Andy) was eating a really nice-looking piece of fish, and I asked him about it. He started expounding on the fish, the place he got it, and fish-buying in general, in the excitable way he has.

I glanced briefly at my alarm clock, and it said 7:15, which is good. It wasn't scheduled to go off until 7:30. I went back to Andy's fish-talk.

Then I heard music playing downstairs. It was my "daily scrum" alert, indicating that it was 8:13am and I had precisely 2 minutes before I had to be on a conference call participating in our morning status meeting. Oh crap, I was still asleep at home, not eating breakfast in the hotel with the team after all!

I stumbled out of bed and down the stairs, bringing my eyedrops with me (because eyedrops help me wake up in the morning). I was cold and groggy, but had to call into my meeting. I turned off the alarm, turned on my computer, put in my eyedrops, and picked up my cordless phone, and dialed the conference number -- all kind of at the same time.

While listening to other people's status reports on the phone, I tiptoed back upstairs and quietly found some clothes to wear. I was chilly, so I put on jammie pants, a sweatshirt, and warm socks. A rule I have for myself is that I am supposed to wear a bra when working (jammies are okay, but clean underthings are required). I picked up a bra, and experimented with putting it on while keeping the phone on my ear. It didn't seem possible. I carried it downstairs and set it on my desk, to be donned after the call was over.

I went to the kitchen and started to make coffee -- but running the water seemed like it would make too much noise. (I wasn't using my cell phone, which has a mute button and a speaker, but my unsophisticated regular phone.) So I abandoned the coffee half-made and returned to my desk to finish getting my computer booted up.

The call lasted awhile, and it wasn't until 40 minutes or so later that I was able to go finish making coffee. I then stared at my breakfast options, and decided that none of them sounded appealing. Instead I settled in to work.

A little while later, deciding I was still cold, I went back upstairs and put a bathrobe on over my sweatshirt and jammie pants. I also put slippers on over my socks. The fact that my house thermometer said 71 degrees (and it's August) made me question my health a bit, but I'm frequently cold so it's hard to tell.

It now says 74 and I've taken off my bathrobe. That's a start! I might even switch to a t-shirt soon. Oooh, I'm a wild-woman, I tell ya.

Around noon I heated up a nice healthy Seattle Sutton lunch. When I was coming back to my desk with it, I noticed my bra sitting on the desk corner. I started at it in puzzlement. Why had I left lingerie in the middle of my office? Then I remembered that I was supposed to be wearing it. Oh right! I put it on and ate lunch.

The day is improving a bit, and I'm successfully getting stuff accomplished at work. I still don't feel right though. Nothing specific, just feeling kind of shaky and "off". I have a club bike ride tonight, and hopefully some exercise will perk me up. If not, hopefully a good night's sleep will help, so those are my goals for tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with friends, to which I am very much looking forward! I've spent far too little time with my local friends recently, so I'm glad that's going to change.
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