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I've had a weird and unpleasant headache for the past two days, and I haven't figured out how to fight it. It's only one the left side of my head. Yesterday it started in my neck and went up in a line to the area just behind my left ear. It wasn't steady pain, but periodic sharp jabs that came and went, like waves. It felt like I probably kinked my neck while sleeping, and it was some sort of muscle issue.

During the day I mostly ignored it, because I had other more important things to deal with (like catching up with and being there for dear high school friends!). During the evening, I tried more aggressively to make it go away. I hit it with advil, then tylonal, then a light muscle relaxant. It seemed like a tension headache, so M tried rubbing my shoulders to ease any tension. He didn't find any real knots or anything that would explain the source of the tension or kink, which is annoying.

The pain continued to come and go, but it wouldn't just go away. Our various efforts made the interval between the stabs of pain grow longer, so from that perspective it's good. After a good night's sleep, I found it to still be there this morning. It's still on the left side, but migrated from the lower part of my head to higher, a little above my left ear and now it's settling into my eye socket too. Now I'm wondering if it's sinus related, instead of tension related? Or maybe both.

Bleh. Whatever it is, I hope that I can make it go away! I just haven't figured out how yet. I tried a decongestant and a nap this afternoon, but I feel about the same. It's not intolerable, and I can function okay, but I just have this darn headache. Kind of like a little fellow with an ice pick, stabbing away at the area in between my left ear and eye every 30 seconds or so. I don't like him! Go away little man, leave my head alone.
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