alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Vampire Teeth

I have really sharp teeth. One of my very sharpest is also just a bit crooked, and sits closer to my lip than do the rest of my teeth. These two facts, combined with the fact that I may be a little bit of a clumsey eater, mean that I am often biting the inside of my lip. When I do so, it really hurts! There I'll be, chewing away with gusto, and perhaps my attention will be a little bit distracted when all of a sudden CRUNCH I have chomped it again. Two little puncture wounds, from the upper and lower teeth incisors catching a hunk of tender lip-flesh inbetween them. Ow! Obviously I did this again just today. Once I have injured myself, the lip is a bit swollen. What does this mean? Well unfortunately it means that it's just that much closer to the teeth, making it even easier for me to bite it once again. I think I got it about 4 times today. Thank goodness I'm through eating for the day, so I can let it rest and de-swell overnight. Hopefully tomorrow it will begin healing. It probably won't be until this one is nearly healed that I'll do it again, and start the whole process over again....
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