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22. The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper -- This is the second from a series of fantasy novels I loved as a kid. My sis and I saw the movie made from it (The Seeker) over the weekend, because we wanted to see what they did with it. The movie wasn't that great, but it inspired me to reread the novel. Now I want to reread the ones that follow it.... it's a great story, a great set of books. Recommended.

21. The Wealthy Barber, by David Chilton -- subtitled Everyone's Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent. This was written like a novel, but it contained some useful guides and uncomplicated instructions about how everyday people can put together their financial futures. I liked it; although I do okay at saving money, I don't pay it sufficient attention. It was a really good way of keeping me in the proper mindset and giving me extra ideas to think about.
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