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I'm home again, and happy to be here. My house is still standing, and all my cats are still alive, so it looks like everyone got by okay without me. Still glad I'm back! I was soooo tired when I got home, plus it's raining which just makes one sleepy. I spent too much time reading, napping, puttering, and napping some more, and now I'm just in that groggy post-nap still-tired state that comes from hard work combined with travel followed by catching up.

My house needs some attention, and I need to go shopping. My refrigerator has nothing in it but alcohol and condiments, which is a shame because I would kill for a diet coke. Well not kill, but maim. Even that's not true, I wouldn't hurt anybody -- but I sure am thirsty. Fortunately I found some food in my freezer, so I am not hungry. Just thirsty.

There is a possibility my travel schedule will lighten up significantly in the near future. The company is belt-tightening, and travel is an obvious place to save money. There are a variety of rumors and possibilities with regards to the project I'm working on. Uncertainty is frustrating! We are likely to learn more next week, but I wish they didn't make us fret over the weekend. It's silly, because the whole team was there last week, a perfect time to communicate significant information to everyone in a good setting, but upper management is keeping completely silent about whatever changes may or may not occur soon.

We were talking about an interesting idea. Write a feed-reader of some sort that scrapes LinkedIn and identifies when a large number of people from one company are updating their profiles. It's not insider trading, because it's publicly available information -- just looking at it in a different way. I'm not sure what it'd necessarily tell you though, but it might make for interesting reading.

I enjoyed my very first "bump" on my flight home this morning, now that I made Silver Elite frequent flier status. I printed out my boarding pass, and instead of the coach seat I'd payed for, it had me sitting in first class. Woohoo! Not that it had much meaning, on a saturday morning flight from NH to MI, but it's the symbolism that's neat. It's cool to feel like I "made it", and all those miles counted for something, even though first class was not much different than coach on this morning's flight.

Gosh I'm sleepy. Maybe I'll read for awhile more, before I get around to shopping or unpacking or reestablishing myself in my house....
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