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warm and happy

aaaahhh, okay, that's better. Now I'm warm and relaxed, bundled up in fleece sweats and feeling good. I can't believe it's past 2am though, it's weird skating so late. We actually only went 'til 11:30, which while late isn't insane, but the trip to the bar afterwards then the bath, now it's practically the middle of the night, heehee.... Oh well, actually just last night I was out 'til 2am, went dancing with C, which was a very good time. That's probably why I'm still up and okay tonight.

The good thing about having a Saturday night practice is that I don't have to work tomorrow! Since practice is usually on Sunday, it always means work the next day. I keep feeling like it is Sunday night, because I was skating, but it's not - Sunday is still tomorrow! Of course, the bad thing about this is that I have to skate tomorrow night again. My poor feet.

Anyway, yesterday along with going dancing, C and I went for a nice long walk, and enjoyed some lovely fall weather. It was bright and sunny, the air crisp and not too cool, until the sun started setting. Today it was significantly colder, so I'm glad I got to get out and enjoy myself before the Frost Comes, don't know how many good days we'll have left after all, certainly not weekend ones.

We also slept in delightfully late this morning. Apparently we were both pretty worn out and needed the rest; I know I was at least. It was great not to have to worry about being anywhere until 5pm today - not that I was sleeping until then, but at least I could relax and be lazy until almost that late! Enjoyed a late brunch today with C and his dad (who is staying with him), plus a nice Italian dinner with them both. And I still have leftovers, yum, no cooking required!

I was thinking: LJ should really file my latenight entries under the previous day. This one is really Saturday night, after all, not Sunday morning, and it would make my journal clearer if it were filed so. LJ should ideally follow my personal rule, which is that a new day does not begin until (1) you notice the sun has risen/is rising, or (2) you wake up, whichever occurs first. This accounts for pulling an allnighter (because the next day must begin eventually, even if you don't go to sleep), plus is accounts for those (incredibly extremely rare!) times when I wake up in the morning before the sun rises. (Obviously from the context here we can deduct that I am not a morning person.)

(also that I like using parentheses, haha, maybe at heart I'm a LISP programmer! (Really it's just that parenthetical comments are such fun to make..I don't know why more people (or is it maybe that their thoughts aren't as sporadic, don't range so far and return so disjointed, as mine do?) don't make them.))
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