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I sat on $1,000,000

Yesterday I put my butt on the soft leather, ran my hands over the brushed stainless steel, and rested my running shoes on the highly polished wooden floorboards of a one million dollar car. I was lucky enough to go with C yesterday to admire all of the concept cars and prototype models which were up for auction this afternoon at Ford Motor Company. It was really cool, a chance of a lifetime, because they were all one-of-a-kind vehicles and prototypes. They were created for auto shows of years past, and I was able to look at them closely, touch them, pop the hood or trunk, and even climb into several of them! Generally at the auto show they are roped off, and it's "look but don't touch".

One of the cooler vehicles offered was Ghia Focus Concept. It's beautifully artistic inside and out, and I was able to sit in the passenger front seat to admire it properly. I just heard from C a little while ago that it was the highest lot at the auction, and it finally went for precisely $1,000,000. Too cool! The picture on the right is a photo C took of the interior.

One of the other "cars" that I thought was really nice looking was the Ghia Via Concept. It was a shiny purple car, with a dark gray leather interior with teal stripes. I'm not really a car person, but this one was just really pretty. I would love my car to look like that...I would drive it everywhere...we would grow old together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately it was a "platform-only" model, which means it was never built to run, just sit on a platform and be admired. It has no engine or anything - it's not really a car at all, just a big beautiful toy.

I watched the first half-hour of the auction this afternoon, then had to go skate. C stayed for the whole thing though, as he was an actual "bidder" (not just a lowly "guest" like me). He bid on several items, but was outbid. Lots of stuff shot up really high, and when I left I was thinking that it was hopeless, that there was no way he'd find something within his price range since everybody was bidding things up so high. However, I was wrong! He got quite a nice deal on the Ghia Microsport Concept! It's a charmingly tiny car, small enough that it would fit comfortably in his livingroom. I've been pushing him to use it as a really cute coffee table, but he says it's a collectors item and is being stored in a fancy garage. I guess that'll work too. This is an actual working vehicle with an engine, so hopefully he'll even get it up and running someday!

Oh, I also got to admire and sit in a fully functional, brand new, Model T Ford! This wasn't up for auction, just on display. It's a replica, made exactly like the original, to the most minute detail, except it was built just a year ago or something, in celebration of Ford's centennial coming up.
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