alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Trouble With Sheets

I will tell you a story: last week, when I got home from my business trip, I went to Meijers. Along with needing groceries, I was in the mood to wander around and look at lots of things, and maybe even buy stuff.

I found myself in the bedding section, and it occurred to me that I only owned one set of sheets for my bed. A few months ago I upgraded my mattress from a very old full-size to a shiny new queen-sized one. At the time I bought myself just one set of new sheets, and a blanket, figuring that would get me by for awhile.

I've gotten by just fine of course, but it's been kind of a pain -- whenever I want clean sheets, I have to strip the sheets, wash them right away, dry them, then remake the bed. I can't just toss the sheets in a hamper for later and put on another fresh set.

So I decided to pick up a new set of sheets. Nothing fancy, but they looked like they'd go nicely with my new blanket, so I tossed them into my cart. When I got home, I opened up the package and loaded the sheets right into the washer. I wanted them to be freshly washed and soft when I used them!

M came over that saturday evening a week ago, and before we went out I put the sheets into the dryer. And started it up. And went out. And forgot all about them.

Now we fast-forward to this weekend, and I have finally remembered my new sheets. I look in the dryer, and I decide that I will be happiest if I just run everything through another wash/dry cycle. I did just that this morning, and shortly after lunch I was finally ready to put my new sheets on the bed!

Except that they didn't fit. I got one corner of the fitted sheet on, then two, then as I put the third on the first flipped off. Was it that I hadn't gotten sheets that were tall enough, I wondered? I do have an extra-thick mattress. I wrestled with them some more, finally putting the corners just over the pillow-top part of the mattress, not the whole thing. I still was barely able to get the fourth corner on....

Filled with a dreadful premonition, I looked over my room to where the trash can sits. Next to it was an empty sheet wrapper that hadn't yet been tossed. I picked it up... and yes, I had bought yet another set of full-sized mattress sheets. Then washed them - twice! No possibility of exchanging them now, and I already have plenty of full-sized sheet sets that I no longer need. (My guest bed uses that size, but it is rarely occupied.) Doggone it!

However, after all of that work, I am sleeping on these sheets tonight anyway. Even though they don't really fit, and the bottom sheet will probably pop off as soon as I lie down on it. I need to enjoy the fruit of my labors somehow. Then tomorrow I'll once again wash my only set of queen-sized sheets and put them back on. sigh...
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