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Where My Brain Is

Autumn is coming, which I really like.... However right now it's an in-between sort of temperature, where the house is feels too chilly for comfort, but it doesn't quite feel cold enough to turn on the heat. I am wearing a three-quarter-length sleeved shirt, a fleece hoodie, and a second zip-up hoodie over it. And drinking coffee. It's doing the trick, but I do feel a bit over-bundled! I am mostly over my cold, but still a little blah.

Tonight my boy and I are going out to hear a friend of his play at a "live karaoke" event. It's a first, so none of us know what it will be like. Hopefully fun! It will be good to get out on a thursday night anyway.

I'm still employed for another week and a day, but my project is ending tomorrow. I have no idea what they are expecting me to do next week, if anything. Kinda weird. Not that I've had much to do this week work-wise, but there has at least been some stuff! It's so strange "working at home" without any assignments. I am tied to my computer in case there is something needed, so I can't just relax and have fun, and yet I don't actually feel productive.

I am studying my new book, and I will be taking the Sun-Certified Programmer for Java 6 exam soon, in the next couple of weeks I estimate. (Hm, maybe I should just sign up for it, then I'll have a deadline.) I'm already certified, but for Java 2 not Java 6. The self-study is good for me, because it's keeping me busy -- also some of the fundamentals of the new Java stuff was confusing me. I never learned it properly, but just figured it out on the fly, so it's good to get a better foundation. That's the main reason I decided to re-certify, because I wanted to force myself to study the newer stuff.

I have taken the plunge and registered myself for the Colorado Software Summit, a technical java programming conference happening in two weeks. I am using the payout from my unused vacation days to pay for it. After all I've only taken three vacation days all year, why start now that I'm unemployed? Instead I'll go learn more about Java, learn cool new technologies, and network. Oh -- and have fun too. It'll be lots of work, but fun. In fact in some ways it will be kind of like my colos were -- grueling, but social and fun nevertheless.

So I have some good self-education things scheduled for this month. Plus I've got that whole job-hunting thing to do. I've been exploring options but I haven't just sent out my resume every-which-way. I'm a little nervous to do so, because I'm not quite "ready". It's kind of like putting your house on the market, where you want to make sure all the little home-improvementey things are already resolved, so it looks its best when people first look at it.

Despite traveling all the time and all over the place this year, I haven't taken a Real Vacation since last summer. What do I mean by real? Something longer than four days -- a long weekend getaway is nice, and I've had several, but it doesn't really give me enough time to mentally refresh and rejuvenate. It works for some people, but I have found that my mental health requires occasional week-or-more breaks from, as they say, "the cares of everyday life".

I haven't had that in too long. M and I have been planning a ski trip this winter to Veil, and I'm still really hoping to still make that work somehow. In fact we'd had two potential vacations planned, and I hope I can somehow make both of them happen... I need a vacation of some sort, something that gets my brain to disconnect from regular life stresses. Unfortunately "regular life" is so irregular and ill-defined these days, that might be challenging, but I still need to try! Unemployment won't count as a vacation I think, because despite not going to work, I expect it will be more stressful than less.
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