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The hard part about posting right now is keeping my typing accurate with a cat sprawled on my wrist. My poor giant kitty has missed me, and refuses to let me lie on the bed without him lying on some part of me.

So ConClave was a good time. I'm trying to remember what-all happened, but given that it's already tuesday, clearly I should have posted earlier. But let me try....

I arrived friday night at 9:30. I know the time specifically, because Monkey Rampant started at 9pm and I'd wanted to get there in time to see it. Thus I rushed into the hotel without my luggage or anything, accosted the first person I saw with a program book, and demanded that he tell me where to find their performance. This didn't work as well as I had expected it, so I had to accost several other people, exchanging pleasantries such as "Hi good to see you I can't talk now I'm looking for Monkey Rampant do you know where they are?"

....but finally SGW and I found it together. Whew! The show (well the second half of it) was entertaining, and I'm both glad I made it and sorry I missed the first half. They do a good show, and I'll have to see them again sometime!

After the show and a few chats with various people, I made my way back to my car, retrieved my luggage, registered for the con, and SGW showed me to our room. It was a relief to relax for awhile and unwind, change clothes, and settle into "con mode". I'm always tense until I've done those things and anchored myself to a degree.

After the unwinding, I went in search of the consuite and other such adventure. I found a lot of friends and had a lot of conversations. It was kind of a quiet catch-up sort of night, just a lot of sitting around and talking with people I hadn't seen in awhile. SGW and I both stayed up until around 4am, but I don't remember details of much of what I did! Eventually we retired to our room for girl-talk, pillow fights, and undressing each other. (Well that's what her husband has always imagined our sleepovers to be like, so why disappoint him??)

Around noon on saturday, after sleeping in, relaxing, and more girl-talk, I finally emerged from my hotel room for con-day-two. First I hit the con suite for a hearty breakfast (consisting of some cheese balls, diet pepsi, and chocolate chip cookies). Then I hung out and talked to people for a bit, then went in search of a panel.

I had seen a panel listed that was supposed to be about blood pressure, and I thought that sounded interesting. I always like learning about health and about how bodies work. The first half was cool, but then they started talking about various blood pressure medications and what they do. Since my blood pressure is okay (102/70 as of this afternoon), and medication names all blur together in my head anyway, this lost my interest. I decided to go exploring.

Then something cool happened. MB was sitting next to me, and she said that she had something for me - that we should go out to her car after panel and get it! When I whispered to her that I was bored and was going to wander off, she said we should go to her car right then. I felt a bit guilty, as she seemed interested in the panel, but she insisted.

We went out to her car, and she gave me a really cool present -- a mobius scarf!! It is pretty and warm and geeky and all-around nifty, and I'm looking forward to wearing it this fall/winter.

After receiving my cool new scarf, I decided it was time to go to SEMGS, my monthly gluttony potluck. It was being held at Con this year, which made it convenient. Especially since cheese balls as breakfast do not last very long. I found the GT suite, something to nibble on, and some folks to sit and chat with. (The astute reader might notice that this con involved a lot of sitting and chatting. That would be correct, and it was quite nice that way.) Gradually more people wandered in, and smegs got underway.

Having come right from M's house, I had not brought anything to share. SGW had also brought nothing, so we concocted a clever plan that involved ordering, picking up, and bringing Lebonese appetizers - yum! When we got back with our food, there was no room for it on the tables. No problem.... we pulled out a dresser drawer and arranged our styrofoam containers there.

There was more hanging out, conversation, and stupid amounts of food. Eventually I grew antsy and decided to see what else was going on in the con. I explored my way up to the third floor, where I found a whole pile of friends to stand around and socialize with. We decided to head toward ClubFusion, the 'fusion room party. It took us over an hour to socialize our way from the third floor to the eighth floor, but eventually we succeeded.

ClubFusion was nice -- tasty treats (I loved the deviled green eggs), good drinks, and lots of cool people to hang out with. I stayed there quite some time, and came and went several more times on top of that. I also hung out in the con suite, and went for a nice long walk with DH exploring every floor of the hotel. (It turned out that not much was going on on any of them.)

Around midnight JB suggested we check out the dance. An excellent suggestion, since I'd forgotten there was one! I went, and it was pretty fun. I did some dancing, mostly hiphop, then a boy asked me to swing dance with him. I wasn't sure at first how much I would remember, but it came back quickly. We danced two songs, and had a really good time doing it! Then I did more of my own random style of club dancing, and eventually decided I'd sweated enough.

During the dance, they announced awards for the best room parties. The GT group won second place! None of the GT "regulars" were there, so I accepted the award for them. After I got tired of dancing, I headed to the GT suite to deliver our good fortune. We got a little gift bag full of tinsel, and a little budda doll. Woohoo!

I was still pretty warm and sweaty from dancing so much, so the first time I was offered a bunny-rub I declined it. G has this nifty vibrating hand massage unit, and a glove to wear over it made of ultra-soft rabbit fur. It's very relaxing, but I was afraid I'd end up with bunny fur all over me. Ick! Eventually I cooled off, then G gave me a bunny rub. It was indeed lovely and relaxing.

After the bunny rub, I decided it was time to wander some more. I settled into the ClubFusion party again, and somehow -- I'm not sure exactly how -- we got into a discussion of my dressing up as a warrior princess. I'd promised JB I'd do that as a Photo-For-The-Cure awhile ago, but never succeeded. We thought I needed a leather belt to wear around my breasts, and I explained that none of the belts I had were big enough.

This resulted in one of the guys there running off to fetch his belt. I told him not to, but he did so anyway. He came back with a huge three-inch wide leather belt. Curious despite myself, I tried it on on top of my white t-shirt. It actually looked pretty hot. KN then started trying to convince me to take off the t-shirt, and we could do a photo shoot.

I resisted for awhile, but he and everyone can be very persuasive. Especially when you're at a con, and it's already long past midnight so your defenses are down. Then KB got into the game, "Do you want my camisole? I could take it off right now!" Somehow I agreed to go into the bathroom and give it a try.

Unfortunately it didn't look nearly as cool without the t-shirt as it did with the shirt. My parts weren't in the right place, and it just looked kinda weird. I had KB come in, and we tried it with the camisole, but it still just wasn't right. Our artistic vision was not being realized, so finally I gave up and put my clothes back on.

The belt-guy's response to the disappointment of the failed artistic vision was quite amusing. He got a silly grin on his face and said, "My belt touched boobies!" We all laughed.

Shortly thereafter, I headed to bed. Earlier this time, only 3:30 instead of 4:30! Sunday was pretty uneventful. I packed up, visited a variety of people and said a variety of goodbyes, then headed on home. It was a fun weekend!
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