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Clumsy and/or Distracted - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Clumsy and/or Distracted
This afternoon I was startled to notice that my ankle hurt. I puzzled over it for a moment -- had I been sitting on it weird or something? Then I remembered: it's probably from falling down the stairs yesterday!

Let me correct that: I didn't so much fall down the stairs as walk off of them. There is a difference, although a subtle one. It happened like this. I was preparing to leave M's house yesterday. His main floor is about 10 steps up from the front entrance, and I was walking down these stairs. I had already put on my sunglasses, despite being indoors. I had a backpack slung over one shoulder, was pulling my keys from my purse, had a diet pepsi bottle tucked under my elbow, and I was carrying a glass vase that I was intending to bring to my house.

My mind was preoccupied with who knows what, one of the many things it's been occupying itself with recently, and I think I was also looking out the window. Or maybe at my keys. I certainly wasn't watching my feet. I reached the bottom of the stairs and started to step forward, but it turns out I was not actually at the bottom step yet. Oops.

I have to say that for only missing one step, it was a rather dramatic tumble. Probably because my hands were full and I didn't want to drop anything. I turned my ankle, hit the wall, and ended up sprawled in front of the door I'd been heading toward. I looked around in surprise and said a bad word.

On the plus side, although I spilled a little bit of my drink, I didn't drop or break anything! By "anything" I mean nothing I was carrying, and no part of my body. (Thank goodness for the second bit in particular -- the irony did not escape me that I'd managed to almost hurt myself on the day of my already-scheduled orthopedist visit...)

Anyway after a few minutes catching my breath, checking that my limbs were all still attached, and gathering myself back together, I drove on home. My ankle had been tingling initially, but even that had gone away by the time I made it to my house. I don't know why it's started hurting again today, but it's a fairly mild owie. I probably just pulled a muscle or something.

I consider the whole thing rather fortunate -- not to mention fairly amusing. I don't know why, but I find it funny. Maybe just the oddity of being walking down the stairs one minute, then sprawled at the bottom of them the next. I even put it on yesterday's "todo" list, and crossed it off as a job well-completed. (I've been making lots of lists for myself recently in order to stay productive.)
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take practice exam
fall down stairs
drive home

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From: writerwench Date: October 17th, 2008 12:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've found that strains and injuries from a fall often feel worse the next day. It's like they've had time to set and sort out just how much they hurt, and how to notify you of that fact. Repeatedly.

I hope it fades soon!
kyril From: kyril Date: October 18th, 2008 03:30 am (UTC) (Link)
When you fall, you usually tense a whole bunch of muscles much more than you do in any ordinary situation, especially if they will or might affect your fall.

And as someone else already posted, your muscles--any way you exercise them, hurt from 24-48 hours later. Even if you only exercise them a little or for a moment.
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