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No worker left....

I was at a party awhile back, and we discovered that there were three of us who were unemployed, or about to be. We started taking bets on who would get a job first. Then one of our political friends said to me, "Oh we have a program for you now, the No worker left behind."

A few minutes later I started to fill another friend in on the conversation, and I said, "She was just telling me about this state program, No worker left employed." A slip of the tongue, but a telling one, is it not?

Today was my first sorta-real day of unemployment, because it's the first day when I didn't have other things to prepare for - java self-study, the programming conference, etc. Even today didn't really count, because I had a few things to do. Had to enroll in some Michigan Talent Bank thingie, and had to call MARVIN and ask him to give me unemployment money. Also I had to go to the dentist for a cleaning. (No cavities, woohoo!)

I contacted everyone at last week's conference who wanted my resume, and I also filled out a few online apps. There are a lot of hiring freezes right now. A few places that sounded good, asked for my resume, and then suddenly found themselves frozen. Somebody mentioned that it might be due to election uncertainty, which is hopeful - if so, then when the election is over people will start hiring.

Anyway I'm not too concerned still. There is a lot of stuff out there, and my skills are in demand, even with some freezing going on. I'll find something -- just gotta make sure it's the RIGHT something!

I took a look at the No worker left behind thing, because I noticed it said something about free tuition. Wouldn't that be handy, if I could use this time to finish up my Master's degree? But graduate work does not seem to be quite its purpose... darn. Guess I'll get a job first, then convince them to pay for it.

In the meantime, I might tackle this "Novel-Writing November" thing that everybody's talking about! All the cool kids are doing it...
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