alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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Falling Apart

My body is falling apart. Some days you just feel OLD. This is one of those days. I'm not really old, I just have managed to have three unrelated things wrong with me all at the same time. Also I went ice skating this morning, making my various pains even more noticeable.

1) My mouth/gum/gland issue still hurts. Not tons, but it's not comfortable either. I haven't decided if I will get better on my own, so I had my dentist phone me in some antibiotics just in case.

2) I pulled in a muscle in my lower back a couple of days ago. My own stupid fault: I picked up an overloaded laundry basket from a weird angle (leaning over and to the side at the same time). As I lifted, my brain wisely told me, "That was a bad idea." Now if only it had come up with that before lifting, not after! It's not a big deal, not debilitating and my back isn't "out" or anything, but it sure does hurt if I move it wrong.

3) My left knee is much older than the rest of me, and I'm feeling it. It has been through a lot, and it's falling apart. I got the results of the MRI back, and there are scary/nasty words like "advanced degenerative joint disease", "thinning and complete loss of articular cartilage", and "partial meniscectomy... extensive degeneration and tear of the remnant", "moderate marginal degenerative spurring".

What this really means is arthritis -- my inner cartilage is going away, and so my bones are not cushioned and are hurting each other. (I like the fact that my Personal PA removed the word "complete" when he emailed me the results, so I wouldn't panic. It's still a scary word, even though I think they don't mean completely complete, just complete in some places.)

On the plus side, the ACL is still okay! It's just the medial meniscus and cartilage that is falling apart. Um, kinda yay? On the other hand, I did a bunch of reading online and now I understand that there are two kinds of cartilage in the knee - meniscus and articular. So I've learned something, that's good, more kinda yay!

So I consider the whole thing sucky, but it certainly could be a whole lot worse. My Personal PA summarized it with: it all translates to an appropriate treatment plan is Suparz injections and PT. I'm going to a physical therapy appointment tomorrow, and hopefully learn exercises to make things feel better. My first injection is tuesday, and hopefully this combination will help my knee to stay functional for a long time. I hope, I hope. I also really hope this approach can stop it from hurting, because I don't want to stop skiing or skating.
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