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I'm not very political. In fact, I'm unpolitical enough that I can't remember whether the conservatives are right or left, nor which party has the elephant. I have a variety of strong opinions about how the nation should work, and they don't generally match up with any one party nor person. Talking about politics and reading about politics just give me a headache and make me grumpy.

All of that said, I will vote tomorrow. People have fought to give me the right to have a say, and no matter how broken our political system might be -- I have a responsibility to participate where I can. All Americans do.

I have done some reading about the candidates, and they both have ideas with which I disagree. They both also have said some things I like. I'm a pacifist hippy who believes everyone should work for a living and keep what they earn. I took a couple of those on-line quizzes, where it asks your opinion on a number of matters then tells you which candidate most agrees with you. I tend to find myself at just over 50% with Obama, and just under 50% with McCain.

All of that said, I will vote for Obama tomorrow. The biggest reason is that he inspires me. He isn't perfect, but his speeches are filled with passion and a hope for the future.

Things are a mess right now, and I believe that what this country needs is hope and passion.
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