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Busy Weekend!

Friday I drove home from Chicago just in time to start my weekend. I had about two hours to clean up and dress up, then I went to a fun Prom For Adults evening! Actually it was a charity gala to which I'd been invited by a friend of mine, at the Motor City Casino. He generously bought an entire table, and invited a group of friends to join him. The evening was really neat, very posh and elaborate.

When you walk into the reception area, there were people dressed in tuxes, on tall stilts, greeting the guests. There were champagne glasses hanging from the ceiling on ribbons. The giraffe person would cut down a glass for you, then another roving person would fill it with champagne. They had a Santa there you could have your picture with, and a fun little photo booth. SGW and I did the photo booth, but then I accidentally left our photo in my program book.... which was then discarded when our table was cleaned at the end of the evening. Darn it! But it was fun doing it anyway.

After champagne and hors d'oeuvres, we went into the ballroom to find our table. Then began a lovely evening of wine, conversation, and yummy dinner. It started out that all the couples were sitting together, but sometime in the middle of dinner we arranged ourselves so that all the girls were on one side of the table, and all the boys on the other. Kind of like middle school, but it made the conversation entertaining.

At one point there was a conversation on my right and one on my left. I was listening to the one on my right, but then I leaned left to see what they were saying. The girls on my left asked me, "What are you talking about there?"

"AIDS. What are you talking about?"

"L's new date."

"Oh, that sounds much better! I'm switching."

After dinner, there was an auction. My $8 bid was quickly overpowered, so I just sat back and watched. Then there was a Motown-type band, who was pretty good. People had gotten up and were mingling about, and we did a bit of dancing-in-place by the table. Eventually they turned all the lights up, and we realized we were being kicked out.

Fortunately our intrepid leader had discovered that we could get into a fancy bar upstairs for free! We all went up to the top floor, and danced the night away for awhile. Well, the four girls danced. The two guys just hung out and smoked cigars and stuff. A pretty fun evening!

Saturday morning I slept in a bit, which was nice -- especially after my exhausting kid-watching week. Then I worked on organizing the rest of my day. It came together very last minute, but surprisingly well. I picked up DH and we met up with friends at Pronto for a very late lunch. In fact it was so late that G had already had First Lunch, and was working on Seconds. Then she had to leave early, because she is so popular.

After eating, three of us went to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see the Monet to Dali exhibit. The art was good, and I enjoyed seeing it -- but the exhibit itself didn't have a cohesive theme or anything. DH decided its theme was, "We're doing renovations in Cleveland so we're sending some of our nicer stuff to Detroit." They attempted to group things in some manner and present an audio tour, but it was a little random. Still a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, and it's always good to get some culture in.

The museum is a beautiful building, and in the big entry area they had (along with suits of armor) a stunning display of sparkles hanging in the air above. I honestly don't even know how to describe it, it was like snow falling, or stars twinkling, or as if the entire hall was full of fairy dust. I was enchanted. The picture is nowhere near as impressive as the reality.

After I dropped everyone off, I visited my house for a bit. Not too long though, because I still had one social event left to attend.... DS's birthday party! It was great to see him, and there were a bunch of other friends there as well. Not to mention lots of yummy food. Altogether a delightful day!

Today, Sunday, has been much more low-key. I slept in again, then I spent a cozy morning in bed, cuddling my cat, messing around on my babylaptop. Eventually I got myself out of bed and into the basement, where I got a decent workout in. Then I met up with MS for lunch (which turned into linner because we were both moving pretty slowly). We talked shop for awhile, him ranting about troubles his team is having with scrum, me describing my various options and thoughts in the job-hunting world. Then we went to Best Buy where I looked at laptops and we talked tech for awhile. I didn't buy anything; I mostly wanted an opportunity to look at some, type on them, and get a feel for size/heft.
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