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Kid Stories

A friend posted today about pranks he's pulled on his children, and it reminded me of a story a colleague told me a few years ago.

Several co-workers had gone on a team outing to a haunted-house, and he had "accidentally" taken a rubber severed foot out of one of the displays. He thought it'd be fun to show his two little girls, who were in the 6 or 8 years old range. He tucked the rubber foot into the leg of his pants, and found them in the playroom.

He limped toward them and then commented that his foot was bothering him. He looked at it, pretending to be puzzled, then bent over and tugged at it. Then the foot came off in his hands.

His youngest daughter immediately burst into tears.

Very embarrassed, he hastened to reassure her. "No no it's okay, see, Daddy's okay. It's just a joke. See, it's a toy. Just a silly joke."

My favorite part of the story is that after he explained, she apparently sobbed through her tears, "But.... why would you do something like that???"

He didn't have a good answer, other than thinking it'd be funny. Maybe six-year-olds don't understand dark humor. He's a good guy though, with fairly similar parenting techniques to Jer I think!
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