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Pretend Christmas

Today M and I celebrated our Pretend Christmas together. We had talked about when we could do "our" Christmas, because I will be going to Chicago on the 23rd to spend the holiday with my family. I'm planning on driving back home Christmas day, and having dinner at his mother's house with his family, but that left the day pretty darn full of family stuff. We wanted to find a time when we could exchange our gifts to one another.

After some thought, I suggested this sunday morning. We could get together saturday night, put presents under the tree, and wake up on sunday morning and open them, just like it was Christmas morning. And that's just what we did.

Last night (Pretend Christmas Eve) he commented, "Well, I have milk we can put out for Santa, but no cookies."

I rummaged through his cupboards and came out with a peanut butter protein bar. "Maybe he's tired of all those cookies, and he'll prefer something with a little more substance." M has a gas fireplace, and I carefully set the protein bar on the floor in front of it. "I think it'll be best if we just let Santa get his own milk from the fridge, so it will be nice and cold for him."

We went to sleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in our head. M, a morning person, always wakes up before me. When he awoke me this morning, he told me that Santa had come, but he had scorned our peanut butter protein bar offering. On the plus side, there was a big pot of coffee ready, and it was Christmas. Hooray!

We each had some coffee, then we went downstairs to see what Santa had brought. Actually, he brought nothing, probably due to the lack of cookies. But we each had several presents from one another to open. After some confusion ("wait, we've never done this before, do we have a tradition? let's make one..."), we sat on the floor in front of the tree and handed each other presents.

I received some great stuff! A pretty necklace with purple and green beads, and a cute yellow stuffed duck (who I am considering naming Sunny). If you put the duckie into the microwave, it holds heat for around three hours and smells like lavender! She will be great to sleep with on cold nights (although it is really weird microwaving my stuffed animal). My fanciest presents are a new ski jacket and ski pants. They are so great! I'm now looking forward to our ski vacation even more than before. I'll be warm and fashionable on the slopes now.

My jacket looks like this. I can't wait to wear it!

He likes all of his presents. My cats gave him some Sparty coasters and two double-a batteries. He looked a little confused, noting that the coasters are not battery operated. "They're just cats," I explained. "They're not very smart."

I also found a men's jammie set with a picture of Grumpy Dwarf on it (who is sort of like M's unofficial mascot). The pants are cozy and fleece, and covered with images of Grumpy grumping in a variety of poses. Then he opened a pack of argyle socks. I had been considering making it an All Argyle Christmas, complete with argyle underwear, but I had failed to find any argyle boxers I liked enough. Thus, his next present was a not-the-least-bit-argyle portable speaker set for his Ipod.

"That takes aa batteries," I told him with a smile. "The cats are cleverer than they look." (I just thought it'd be funnier if he opened the batteries without seeing any obvious need for them.) His final present was a nice cashmere argyle v-necked sweater. I think it'll look really good on him, and can't wait to see him in it!

He then made us a yummy french toast breakfast, and we spent the day relaxing around his house, doing not a whole lot. Tonight we're hopefully getting together with friends. It has been a lovely Pretend Christmas so far, and a lovely day in general.
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