alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Some improvement...

My head hurts. My stomach is doing better though.... here is a fascinating list of what I've been able to eat today. Apple juice, multigrain bar, cinnamon oatmeal, handisnack thing, oyster crackers, water. I've been gradually getting hungrier, which is probably a good sign, although I'm keeping things simple.

I made it into work today, although it's not a whole lot of fun. Heh...when is it though? That's why they call it "work".

I did the google-search thing 'cause it looked entertaining. Of course, I did it with my name, not renniekins, but edited the content for my journal.

Renniekins is exposed in Health and Fitness magazine.
Renniekins is a full time graduate student at U. of Texas at Tyler working toward her Master of Science in Biology.
Renniekins is a singer/songwriter, writing both Traditional and New Country songs.
Renniekins is currently planning trips to these cities. Please call (???) ???-2482 to schedule a consultation.
Renniekins is the author of the popular Power Tools, free programs that make life with Windows a lot easier.
Renniekins is a graduate of the University of Toledo (GO ROCKETS!) and has worked at the Post Office since 1989.
Renniekins is basically a self-taught artist.
Renniekins is a language researcher and project manager living in Boston.
Renniekins is currently participating in various business ventures and hopes to return to the tour part-time in late 2003, early 2004.
Renniekins is a Professional Researcher, with over 10 years experience, willing to do research for you.
Renniekins is quoted in an article in Computer World Canada about how women are sometimes second-guessed in IT positions.
Renniekins is an artist, illustrator and women entrepreneur.
So Renniekins is like, "Wow - I wish I'd been there!".
Renniekins is planning to do the INBF Pro Qualifier in October in Blacksburg (again hosted by Rodney Gaines), and one or two shows between now and then.
Renniekins is raring to perform anywhere in the world a cowgirl is welcome!
Renniekins is Director of Music at Wesley-Knox United Church, London, where she conducts the choirs and church orchestra, and plays the organ.
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