alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cat Fight

I was awoken one morning a few weeks ago at oh-dark-thirty by a cat fight. Two of my cats had taken a powerful dislike to one another, and were expressing it physically. They started in my bedroom. There was hissing, yowling, growling, and chasing each other around the room. This included leaping upon and tearing across my bed.

"Get outta here," I yelled at them groggily. They roared down the stairs, the angry thumping of cat paws echoing in the stairwell. I tried to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, the battle raged on downstairs. Just when it would quiet down to low angry growls, and I'd start to hope I could sleep again, it would resume. An angry yowl, hissing, the sound of a cat yelling, then the thump-thump-thump-thump as they chased each other into another room.

Finally fed up, feeling exhausted with my sleep thoroughly interrupted, I climbed out of bed. I grabbed a pillow, and stormed downstairs. Mouse was crouched under the piano bench, fur standing up, her eyes narrowed at Robin, who stood in the middle of the room glaring down at her defiantly. There was soft growling.

I strode angrily in the room. "You guys need to cut it out!", I yelled at them. I swung the pillow and biffed Robin's backside. The staring contest broken, he skittered sideways and looked at me in surprise.

"You should know better," I told him. I pointed my right index finger at him sternly. "You need to be kinder." I jabbed my finger at the air for emphasis.

"And you," I said turning to Mouse. "You need to learn not to just freak out about everything."

My lecture through, I dragged myself wearily but self-righteously back up the stairs. I sure told them! There were hours before I had to get up, but unfortunately I never really did fall back asleep. Darn cats!
Tags: kitties
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