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Ski Weekend

M and I went up north this weekend to go skiing! Our trip had multiple purposes: first, we really wanted to get some practice skiing in before our big trip to Colorado at the end of the month. Second, it will be M's birthday tomorrow, so I wanted to give him a birthday getaway. Third, I had a crazy week at work and really wanted to escape for some fun and relaxation!

Friday, after a particularly stressful day at work, we met at my house and started driving North. The first three hours positively flew by, as I babbled non-stop about all of the stuff that was on my mind. After the brain-dump, thanks to a very patient listener/driver, I started being able to let it go. Then I could begin to look forward to the vacation. We spent the next hour or two having normal conversation, and I mostly avoided stressing about things (at least verbally). Then we got to our hotel and the relaxing could begin in earnest.

Given that we had both a birthday and a new job to celebrate, I had decided to splurge, and I bought us an upgraded jacuzzi-room at our hotel. That felt positively wonderful after a long drive friday night, and even more wonderful after a long day of skiing on saturday. In fact, I'm going to recommend to my friends who have a cabin up there that they should bring their hot tub next time we all go! It will fit on a trailer, right?

The other good thing about going skiing was that I finally got to try out my Christmas present from M, which was a really nice ski jacket and pants. This is me in my new Christmas ski outfit.

I thought it would be fun to have a photo of the two of us together. It seemed like a good idea to ask somebody in the lodge to take our picture, when we were warming up and having lunch in the middle of saturday. I did not take into account how bright the sun would be in our eyes! So we look very squinty and washed out, but oh well. At least we're happy and having fun.

Here is a picture of me pretending to zoom down the hill. It's also one of the prettier views from the top of the hills at Nubs Nobb. (I'm sure views in Colorado will put this one to shame, but it's still quite pretty I think!)

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