alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


It's been over a year since I worked in an office. Last year I worked from home mostly, and I only saw my teammates every other month or so. Plus, they were all men. That's why it was such a delightful surprise when not just one, but TWO people in my office this morning said to me, "Oh, you changed your hair!" I'm not used to having these things noticed.

I have stripes now. My old highlights were only covering the lower half of my head, and my hair was looking a little bland and sloppy. I've been trying to (slowly) grow it out. Unfortunately my hairdresser last night couldn't "cut it longer" for me, but she did at least tidy up the ends and give it a little bit of layering.

It's nice to have new hair! Even if it is winter hair and therefore full of static...
Tags: hair
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