alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Quick Update

My house is no longer leaking. I hired my next-door-neighbor to rake all the snow off my roof, and to keep an eye on things while I am gone. That will be enough to keep the indoors dry for now, and when I get back from vacation I'll evaluate what else needs to be done.

I made it to ConFusion yesterday, and it was fun. Stayed up 'til 4am, had a great girlie chat this morning with my roomie, and then wandered around socializing a bit this morning. Left around 3pm, and now I'm at home. Have a little bit more packing to do, then I'm off to the airport! Flying to Colorado tonight.

Hopefully Vail will be an awesome time, and I'm SO looking forward to a great vacation with my boy! I'm bringing a laptop of course, so there will surely be more posts here and there -- but I wanted to reassure anybody who was worried that my house is okay, I'm okay, and my vacation is not ruined. Yay! Now I must finish packing....
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