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So what with being so sore, and having slept in late, and been up late, and whatever other excuse I could bring to mind, I decided I needed a sleeping pill to help me to go to sleep tonight. I have a bad habit though, which is to stay and watch its effects for awhile, as they fascinate me. Right now, for example, in reading my own journal, the yellow letters seemed to bounce off the black background in patterns. Kind of like those mystery pictures you see, where you have to cross your eyes, and all of a sudden you see a pattern and a 3D image comes leaping off the screen! They's what my journal is doing to me. Only the pictures aren't as interesting - possibly because they are meaningless. Still pretty neat though: not often you get to see a movie/screen in 3D without those funky glasses.

On a side note, everybody should go to limewire or whatever is your favorite napster-replacement, and download "bolero" by Ravel, which is just a beautiful piece of music. I love the way it builds and swirls and gains, pressing into something greater the entire 15min length of the piece! .....and if you were ever lucky enough to see Torvill and Dean skate this in the Olympics, oh when was that, 1984??, well it was truly the most spectacular piece of athletic artistry that God has blessed us to see, so you were lucky. Oh dear, I am high and my coherence is fading. Just to clarify, as you all shoot me dirty looks through the twinax, these are legal drugs I'm on, and they'll fade soon leaving me a healthy functioning adult --- eer, at least as much as I ever am. *grin*

aaahhh, the music slammed into its chaotically stunning conclusion.....and I am going to bed. bonne nuit.
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