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Things on my mind

1. My job has taken a turn for the better. After a roller-coaster January and part of February, during which my new consulting firm shuffled me from client to client to the bench, I was finally been placed at a new client site two weeks ago. This one looks like it's a "keeper", and I think I can do good work here. I like the people, and although the work is pretty chaotic and crazy, I think it'll be interesting.

2. The fact that I'm so new at this client site means I can't go with M to Italy in March. He's been planning this trip with several friends for months, and I had been hoping to join them, but then my job cancellation messed everything up. Back in January it still looked like it might work, then the above-mentioned roller coaster occurred. Now I'm just too new at this position to take a week off so soon. Thus I stay home while M goes on vacation without me. I'm extremely sad and disappointed, but I have to do my best to keep focused on the important thing: at least I have a job, and a good one, that I'm pleased with. I asked on monday, just in case it could be made to work, but it's just not feasible. I was broken-hearted by the answer, much more so than I thought I'd be... but then I've been hoping for months that this could work out, even while everything gradually got more and more chaotic and impossible. I got home last night and had a good cry. But I'm done with the tears now. Oh well. I'm happy to have this job anyway. Just wish it was somehow possible to do both.

3. My left knee hurts, and it's so frustrating. Worse yet, I don't have very high hopes for a medical solution. From what I've read I'm too young and healthy for a knee replacement, but the damage is too advanced to be resolved with some of the other approaches. Advanced degenerative joint disease sounds a little cooler than just calling it osteo-arthritis, but both of those sound like old people's issues. But I'm not old! Just my knee is. I've started taking these Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements, and I'm hoping they make a difference. I've read some good studies about them. I probably need to go talk to my new knee doctor sometime in the nearish future, and see if he has any further ideas. It's possible that a scope would help. It's also possible that a scope would just make it hurt for awhile, then get back to its current state. (Option 1 I'm all for. The problem is that option 2 would be so disappointing!)

4. How do two grownups with houses and jobs that aren't near to one another start thinking about ways to consolidate into just one home? In this housing market, no less?? There are so many logistical hurdles, I find myself overwhelmed just thinking about it. It would be nice though.

5. I've been having dizzy spells - vertigo issues - for the past week or so. When my head changes orientation, the world suddenly starts to spin disorientingly. For example, I'll tip my head back to finish the last of a drink, and it will feel like it will just keep tipping forever, and the world is sliding out from underneath it. Or I'll lay down on the bed, and the bed will start spinning around me. It'd kind of like being drunk -- but I get all the fun, and none of the hangover! The good thing is that the sensation only lasts a few seconds, then I'm fine and oriented again. It's a little odd, nonetheless. They seem to be fading now, which is good. I've experienced this a few times before, and they're creepy, but they've always gone away.

6. I'm cold. Now that I can't go to Italy, I've been thinking I should take a weekend trip. Somewhere warm perhaps. Anyone interested?

7. My mom can and stayed with me over the weekend, because she had a skating competition to attend. My mom is not a great skater, but she enjoys it. She started as an adult... in fact she started around my age! It made me miss skating, and miss competing. It made me wonder if I should try adult singles, like my mom and many other adults were doing this weekend. Or if I should try to join a synchro team again. ...and, it made me wonder what I'm doing. Right now I haven't skated since December. I was trying to skate a couple of times a week, and pass my Junior Moves, but honestly it was hurting my knee quite a bit. It has made me wonder if maybe I should give up skating altogether. But I miss the thrill of competition, the hard work and the rewards. I haven't found that same satisfaction in anything else I've tried yet.

8. I've been thinking about things that I enjoy. When I was having my little pity party yesterday, I was thinking that I should spend that week doing other things I like to do, but I couldn't think of anything that I like to do. But that's not true, in fact I've dabbled in and enjoyed lots of hobbies. The problem is sticking with them enough to really thrive in any of them. (the other problem is that many of them will probably hurt my knee.)

Singing. Dance clubs. Bicycling. Figure skating. Performing. Winning. Playing Cards. Skiing. Racquetball. Watching movies. Comedy clubs. Rock climbing. Eating out with friends. Live theater. Motorcycling. Softball. Art. Playing piano. Traveling. Playing cello. Pilates. Dancing classes. Writing. Listening to music. Walking/hiking. Plus I'm sure there is more that just hasn't popped into my brain yet....

9. Why don't I spend more time doing any of these things? This requires some consideration. Part of it is probably what I'm not hooked into a group of friends doing these things - so many activities are better shared. So also, anybody want to do any of these things with me?
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