alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Cat Duster

If you were to walk carelessly through my home office in your socks, (and by "you" I really mean "one" not you specifically, so stop looking offended), you might slip and fall. There is an extra slippery piece of my hardwood floor in the middle of the room, right in front of the heating vent. I've caught my heel sliding on it several times. At first I thought the hot air blowing through was smoothing the floor, but then I realized it's the kitty.

My littlest kitty loves heat, and she'll spend hours sprawling on that patch of floor when the heat's on. Rolling, squirming, and embracing the warm air with all four paws extended in a nap. Her fur has polished that floor so slick, it's almost hazardous for us taller folk to walk by.

My poor little kitty, who doesn't really like me and fights with the oldest cat. The one I've often eyed with regret, wondering if I couldn't somehow find a home for her where she'd be happier. I haven't had any success, mostly because I haven't tried very hard out of guilt. But I did realize as I watched her fur waft in the wind from the vent: if she ever did find a nicer home, it would still have to be one with a heat vent. This kitty loves warmth!

I can't make fun of her too much though, because I have to confess: I too have sat on that slippery piece of hardwood floor, leaned against the wall by the vent, and allowed its heat to blow over me and through me, filling me with warmth. Mmmmm.... cozy.
Tags: kitties
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