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Food and WW

Anybody who's known me for awhile knows that I've battled with my weight almost all my life. I try not to talk about it tooooo much, because it's really not that interesting of a subject! Also, I'm not hugely overweight, and I know it's frustrating for people with more to lose than me to hear me talking about feeling fat. Which I'm not -- I know that -- but neither am I at a weight I feel healthy and comfortable at.

Anyway. My latest efforts at weight loss involved joining Weight Watchers in November. I had a very unimpressive first few months. I was unemployed, it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, I was traveling, etc, etc. But despite all those obstacles I kept going to meetings. I lost and gained the same two pounds several times. But, on the plus side, my net total proved that although I didn't actually lose anything I didn't gain over that period of time either.

In February though, I think I started getting on track. It could very well be because my life has started smoothing out -- I have a job and a regular schedule again. I know where I'll be every weekday, and there is a microwave and a fridge nearby. I've gotten fairly good at bringing healthy snacks and lunches to work. I still eat out a lot on the weekends, but at least on the weekdays I've been doing a better job of making healthy choices.

WW is all about counting points. I'm not very good at that, and I've not yet made it through a whole week of counting every day. It's an obsessive way to live, and a frustrating one. However I do know the only time I lost a significant amount of weight was when I was counting every calorie that went into my mouth. Obsession works for me, but it takes up a lot of time and effort.

Dieting is a pain, because I'd so much rather be able to eat whatever I want, and not think about food! (Unfortunately, doing that causes me to gain weight. I know this because even though I'm active and periodically watching what I eat, I'm not skinny.) Also I really like to eat, particularly socially. However the other thing that WW harps on is that it's not a diet, but a lifestyle change. I get it in theory, but I'm not really convinced. Counting points or calories is dieting, even if there are Good Health Guidelines to go with.

Anyway again. As of today I've lost 5.25 pounds since that day in November when I joined. (I also gained and lost a few more pounds, but those don't count. Just the net result.) I'm relieved to finally be losing a little, and pleased, even though I'd prefer to lose at a greater rate than one pound per month. I'm tracking sporadically, and trying to do more good things for myself like going out less, making healthier choices when I do go out, eating vegetables, and riding my bike on the trainer.

Funny, I started writing this post to talk about what I ate today, but I got totally off track.

For dinner today I microwaved a bunch of frozen veggies with some leftover rice, vegetable broth, and some tuna. It wasn't a culinary inspiration, and it won't win any awards, but it was okay. I made it myself, and it's pretty healthy for me. I have two containers of leftovers to eat at work.

Then this evening I was hungry again. I have my favorite salsa in the fridge, but nothing to dip into it. I can never find baked tortilla chips, so today I tried putting a corn tortilla into my toaster oven and making my own chips. It kinda worked... it was fairly floppy, but the edges were crispy. With a little dexterity, I could mostly use it to spoon salsa into my mouth. I need to figure out other things to do with salsa. I love it, and it's zero points, but it really needs to be on something rather than all by itself. Adding tortilla chips ruins the zero-pointed-ness.
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