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It's Friday.

Another exciting day at work. I tweaked the colors on my journal/friends page, so now they're actually colors I like, instead of the random colors that LJ came up with when I picked the style. I don't customize my journal much. But I'm pleased with my new look. I even changed the words on the little "comments" tags!

I was washing my hands in the restroom, glancing in the mirror, when I noticed a piece of dry skin near my nose. No, wait, that's a pimple! Naturally I leaned forward to see better, then I popped it. It exploded violently enough that it left a little splut on the mirror. Funny how something can be simultaneously so satisfying, yet so disgusting.

This just in! I just got off the phone with a server programmer in Cleveland. (He interrupted my journal update.) I had just emailed him a stack trace I was getting whenever I pressed the OK button on a module we had worked on together (I do the client, he does the server). He said to me, "Oh, I made one change, but I didn't test the OK button." He didn't test the OK button?!? What the hell? How can you possibly presume an application works if you don't even try committing the data??? Sheesh.
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