alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Updates on random injuries

My blood donating bruise is shrinking, now it's lighter and only half the size it was a week and two days ago.

I visited my occasional personal trainer a week and one day ago, and I was so sore all weekend! And on monday, my triceps still hurt a lot! They weren't actively hurting much by tuesday, but they were still ultra-tight. Today, over a week after the visit, I went to scratch my shoulder-blade and my triceps are still too tight to reach my back pain-free. What did she do to me?

My knee is finally functioning on a close to normal level. Normal for me, that is. It's been bothering me since my ski vacation in January. It still hurts some, and it still does weird things, but I think it's no longer any worse than before I went skiing.

I used to heal really quickly. When did I start getting old?
Tags: ouch
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