alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


At work today a QA guy was testing a fix we'd put in. "Well," he told me, "so far we're batting 500."

"Is that good? I don't know much about baseball stats..."

"No. It means 50%."

"Oh. Darn."

On the plus side, it was later determined that that other 50% wasn't supposed to be fixed anyway, so it's okay after all.

On the minus side it snowed today, which is unrelated to the software testing but very related to the fact that it doesn't at all feel like baseball season is starting! That wasn't a great segue, but it just gets worse: I am now going to mention (without any seque at all) that I hope MSU wins at basketball tonight. Not because I care about basketball, but because it will make my boyfriend happy.

Aren't I a nice girlfriend? I also tried to win him tickets by buying a raffle ticket, but I didn't win. Alas!

Back to the snow, I'm really sad that I'm not in Florida. That's not as random as it seems, because in fact I just scheduled myself a weekend trip to Florida! But not for tw more weeks. I wish it was now.... I'm tired of winter and the cold. I really hope we have some good sunshine in two weeks at least. My schedule is insane so I can't take time off this month, but even leaving really late friday night and returning really early monday morning means two glorious days in the sun and ocean. Gosh I hope it's nice weather.

I deserve nice weather, because it's been a long coldrollercoster of a winter. Also, when I get back, I have my knee scope to look forward to. It's scheduled now: Thursday May 7th. I'm not really looking forward to the surgery itself, but I'm looking forward to it being all better!

....and that's enough context switches for one post.
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