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Florida Summary

My mini-vacation to Florida was wonderful. Actually I'm not even sure I can call it a "vacation", perhaps just a "trip". Given that I left directly from work on friday night, then drove directly from the airport back to the office on monday morning, it was a very abbreviated vacation!

However it managed to be everything I was looking for. The sun was gloriously warm, the water blue, and the beach comfortable. My sister and I splurged on a hotel on the ocean (saving a bit of money by going to Hollywood Beach, not Fort Lauderdale proper), and we had a room on the 8th floor with an ocean view.

Saturday was a bit cloudy in the morning, so we put on shorts and spent the morning strolling along the boardwalk checking out shops. When the sun reached its peak, all the clouds burned away. It was still very windy, but the sun was nice and hot! We changed into bathing suits, got our books and towels and sunscreen, and went to lay on the beach. We read and basked for awhile, then went into the ocean to play in the waves.

The ocean swallowed my movie-star sunglasses, which was the only sad event of the day. Fortunately I was able to buy new ones the following day for only $8.

After drying off in the sunshine, we came to a difficult decision. Should we continue to read here on the beach, have another swim, or go read by the pool? We settled on lunch followed by reading by the pool.

Saturday night we took a cab to Las Olas, where we strolled through art galleries, shops, and finally settled on a creperie for dinner. I had the creamy seafood crepe, yum! I also bought a pair of sandals.

Sunday morning we spent much like saturday. We strolled through shops, looking for souveniers and such. I got a cute sundress, Sis bought a necklace, and we bought a Real Alligator Head for our nephew! I think he'll love it. Our niece got a cute yellow sundress.

Sunday afternoon was more laying on the beach and playing in the ocean. After two swims and plenty of basking in the sun, we had pizza for lunch then rented bicycles to finish off the afternoon. It was nice to be able to explore our boardwalk area in its entirety, even though the bikes were not particularly good or comfy ones. This adds a new state to my list of places I've biked, too, which is always nice!

The evening was spent having dessert and drinks at a bar, people-watching and listening to live music. I was disappointed to find most of the area by our hotel very quite on a sunday night. I'd figured that, as a resort town, it would still be hopping. I was wrong, but we still managed to have a nice evening!

On our way out that evening, I told my hotel that I'd need a cab to the airport at 5am. I realized, looking at my watch, that was only seven hours away. "Oh well," I shurgged, and headed out to enjoy my last night in Florida. If you only have 60 hours to vacation in, you have to make every one count!
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